Copying Photos to the Mac with Android File Transfer App

If your Android device experiences any problems with your Mac, the Image Capture app, and/or the Preview app not recognizing your Android device, you can download File Transfer from This app was specifically designed if you are running Android 3.0 or later. Android File Transfer is a file management app that lets you copy files to and from your Android device over to your Mac.
  1. Download File Transfer from and install it on your Mac by placing it into the Applications folder
  2. Connect USB Cable into your Mac
  3. Plug USB Cable into your device
  4. Launch Android File Transfer and wait for it to recognize the Android device
  5. Photos are stored in one of two locations, the “DCIM” folder and/or the “Pictures” folder (depending on the device type)
  6. Once you locate the correct folder, select the file you wish to copy to your computer (file will highlight when it is selected)
  7. Click and Drag the selected file to the desktop (or the location/folder of your choice) to copy the file onto your Mac
  8. Once the video has finished copying to the selected location/folder you can access the video file from the destination folder you specified to upload into the ADVANCEfeedback® platform.
In terms of the two folders, “DCIM” tends to be where pictures taken with the digital camera apps appear, whereas “Pictures” is usually where photos saved from apps appear. That is not always the case though, which is why we recommend looking in both locations to be sure you find the items you’re looking for.
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