Video Uploading Recommendations

Insight ADVANCE recommends the following guidelines for the best video uploading experience:

Compatible video file formats
We accept most video file uploads in the following formats: 
.3gpp, .mp4, .mpeg, QuickTime (.mov), .webm, .flv, .matroxka, .msvideo, .wmv.
Experiencing difficulty uploading a video file in one of the accepted formats? If so, please notify us immediately by providing the video type, file size, and error message to our help desk. 
Video file size
For the best experience, we recommend uploading videos under 8GB in size. Uploading large video files with slow internet connections may lead to a less reliable upload experience. Should you experience any issues related to video upload, please feel free to provide details to our help desk--including video type, file size, and error message received. This information is helpful as we are always working to improve the user experience. 
Alternative video files
If you are attempting to upload a video that is not in one of the accepted formats and are having difficulty, please let us know.  Please provide us a sample video for testing, perhaps in Dropbox or another simple file share service. We’ll test it out and if it works successfully in our video processing, we’ll do what we can to add that format to our allowed list as quickly as possibly.
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