How do I assign anchor scores to a video?

Begin by going to "Video Management" in your top menu, and then clicking "Video Rating Management."

In the "Video Title" drop-down, select the video for which you would like to assign a rating. Scroll down to “Anchor Scores” and choose a framework for which you will enter ratings (frameworks are shared across all platforms in the ADVANCE™ suite).

Click the check boxes of each rubric item you wish to assign to participants and include in calculated scores (you may choose to only count Rubric 1 and Rubric 3 in your calculations, for example). In the drop-down on the right, select the desired rating.

Note: If you want to include sub-components of the sub-rubric in the calculation, check the box that says "Sub-items should be included in threshold score calculation"

Once you have selected the rubrics you wish to be considered and their anchor scores, click "Calculate." You will have the option to add a minimum and maximum (+/-) threshold. This allows an observer to still be considered calibrated if they are within a certain range of the anchor score.

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