Uploading Video From Your Mobile Device

  1. Once you have your video filmed and trimmed, you can then upload your video directly from your mobile device.
  2. Open the web browser app on your mobile device then go to login.insightadvance.com
  3. When the ADVANCEfeedback login page appears, type in your registered email address and password then tap “LOG IN”.
  4. Once the ADVANCEfeedback Dashboard loads, tap the “UPLOAD A VIDEO” button in the upper right.
  5. Select “NO” to the first question “Does this video fulfill a scheduled observation window?”
  6. When the Basic Information page appears, tap the “BROWSE” button.
  7. Tap on your device’s Photo/Video Storage Location from the list of options that appears.
  8. Locate and tap on your video or video clip to open it.
  9. Tap “Choose” to select this video and begin the uploading process.
  10. While your video uploads, fill in the Basic Information fields for Video Title, When was the video recorded, Is this video is for a Formal observation (No or Yes), Subject, Grade, Class Name/Period, and Number of Students.
  11. When your video has finished uploading and all the Basic Information fields are completed, tap “CONTINUE TO GOALS”.
  12. Enter your goals for this observation on the “Step Two: Goals” page then tap “CONTINUE TO PRE-OBSERVATION SURVEY” at the bottom right when you’re done.
  13. Provide context for the lesson being uploaded on the “Step Three: Pre-Observation Survey” page then tap “ADD RESOURCES” when you are finished.
  14. Attach supporting artifacts such as lesson plans, work samples, or assessments on the “Step Four: Add Documentation” page by tapping the “ADD RESOURCE" button.
  15. When the “Add New Documentation” window appears, tap “BROWSE” to open the file browser on your mobile device (Most any file type can be loaded as long as it has been saved onto and is accessible from your mobile device)
  16. Locate and tap the file you want to add.
  17. Tap “ADD DOCUMENTATION” in the lower right to add the file as a resource.
  18. Once all resources have been added, there are two options:
  • To Add Comments To Your Video:
    • Once the Dashboard loads, tap the Observations tab
    • Tap the “Ready for Submission” tab
    • Locate and tap your uploaded video
    • You can now add comments as well as label them with Type, Rubric, and Tag
  • To Submit Your Video and Skip Adding Comments:
    • This option will send your video upload directly to your School Administrator for approval and assignment
    • Once a video has been submitted you will no longer have access to make changes or add comments to it. Make sure you are completely finished editing and adding comments to your video as we cannot reverse the submission process.
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