How do I assign videos for calibration as standalone assignments?

You can assign videos to your participants for calibration by going to the "Video Management" menu item at the top of your screen and then clicking "Assign Videos." Select the framework and video you wish to assign to a participant, and then choose the dates for the assignment window. Videos will only show up on the participant's dashboard if it falls within that timeframe.

Filter to the participant that you are assigning the video to by selecting the district and school for assignment, and then picking which user roles you wish to assign the video to. If your school has users with observer roles and school admin roles that will be participants, select them by checking the boxes next to that role. A list of possible participants filtered by role will populate.

Assign individual users the video by clicking the plus arrow next to their name; they will be moved to the "Selected Participants" box to the right.

Click "Confirm Assignment" when you are done.

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