What does the observation status refer to?

Depending on whether a Video/In-Person Observation has been assigned or completed, a different status will show up onscreen. It should be noted that in your “Observations” management tool, accessed through your top menu, you will only see the observation statuses that are relevant to your role.

Here is a quick overview of the different statuses and what they mean:

  • Ready for Submission” means the Teacher has uploaded their video, comments have been added to the video, and the Teacher can submit their observation
  • Needs Assignment” means that the video has been uploaded by a teacher and requires a school administrator to assign it to an observer.
  • "Observation In Progress" means that the observation is underway or waiting teacher acknowledgement
  • "Observation Pending" means that the observer has submitted the report and feedback, but the teacher has not accessed it yet
  • "Observation Complete" means that the teacher has acknowledged the observation and the evaluation is available
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