Can I share a video with a colleague?

Yes! When you share a video with a colleague, s/he can comment on the video and submit that to you. In order to share, go to the Dashboard, click on the video you wish to share, then click "Share With Another Teacher" in the upper right. (Keep in mind that this option to share is only available if the video has not already been submitted for an observation)

You'll be taken to a page where you can select which teacher you would like to share with. Click the “Select a Teacher” field to open a drop-down menu of teachers. Once you have the teacher selected, click “Share”. If you wish to share your video with multiple teachers, simply repeat this process.

Enter any comments you would like to share and click "Save Comment”. When you are finished adding comments and sharing with other teachers, you are ready to submit your video. Click the “Submit This Video For Observation” button to proceed.

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