iCloud Importing (Apple/iOS)

  1. Record video as you normally would using an Apple device
  2. Once recording is complete, open the “Photos” app and locate your video
  3. Open your video and tap the “Share” icon
  4. Make sure the video is selected on the “Image Select” screen (indicated by a check mark in a filled circle)
  5. Click “Next” to proceed
  6. Tap the “iCloud Photo Sharing” icon
  7. When the iCloud Window appears, name your video by adding a comment or filename
  8. Tap “iCloud Album” then select or create a folder to save your video into
  9. Once your album is selected, tap “iCloud” in the upper left to proceed
  10. Tap “Post” to save your video to iCloud
  11. Once video is loaded to your iCloud Album, it can then be accessed from any iOS Device(iCloud can only be accessed by Apple products with iOS 5 or Higher). You can only create an iCloud account on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS5 or higher, or a Mac running OS X Lion or Higher.
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