Apple Devices to PC (Windows)

  1. Connect USB Cable to computer
  2. Plug USB Cable into your Apple device
  3. A window will appear on your Apple device that reads “Do you trust this computer?”
  4. Select “Yes” to proceed
  5. Drivers will automatically install on your computer to read the Apple device
  6. When the “Autoplay” window appears onscreen, select “Open Device to View Files”
  7. When the device window opens, Double-Click on “Internal Storage” folder to open
  8. Double-Click on “DCIM” to open folder
  9. Once the DCIM folders load, open the different folders to locate the file you wish to copy
  10. Click to select the file you want to copy to your computer (file will highlight when it is selected)
  11. Click and Drag the selected file to the desktop (or the location/folder of your choice) to copy the file to your computer
  12. Once the video has finished copying to the selected location/folder you can access the video file from the destination folder you specified to upload into the ADVANCEfeedback® platform

    Windows File Path: C:\Computer\Apple (Device)\Internal Storage\DCIM\Folder\
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