How do I complete an in-person observation?

Because of the many features available for observations, we recommend that you view our instructional video. 

In order to complete an In-Person Observation, access your Dashboard and click the "Begin In-Person Observation" button. You will then be taken to the Step One: Basic Information form that asks “Does this observation fulfill a scheduled observation window”. Once you’ve selected your answer, you will be prompted to select the teacher in which you are observing which will then open the remaining questions of the form. After you've filled all the fields on the form, click the "Add & Categorize Comments” button to proceed.

There are three sections of an observation: Add & Categorize Comments, Rate & Provide Feedback, and Preview & Send Report. First, enter your observations and notes in the Comments section (they will be timestamped and tied to a particular instance in the video). The notes can optionally be categorized with a Type (Feedback, Kudos, Clarification, etc.), a Rubric (here, the Insight Core Framework's Core Practices), and a Tag (Academic Vocabulary, Active Questioning, Differentiation, etc.). Once you've completed adding comments, you can edit and analyze them in the All Comments and Visual Analysis tabs.

The All Comments and Visual Analysis tabs allow you to categorize/re-categorize observations, edit comments, and make any changes to your notes by simply clicking the “Edit” button next to the desired comment. You can also make comments visible to teachers by clicking the boxes in the "Visible" column. When you are finished making changes to your comments, click on the “Rate & Provide Framework Feedback” button.

Rate & Provide Feedback allows you to provide framework feedback and rate sub-rubrics by clicking on a sub-rubric heading (e.g. Core Practice 1.1) and entering in a summary and rating level. General and additional feedback associated with the observation can be provided as well. Recommended resources can also be included before previewing the observation report. Resource libraries can be added and managed by the administrator. When you are finished adding feedback and resources, click "Preview Report" to complete Step 3 and proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Preview & Send Report gives you the opportunity to review your comments, ratings, and feedback before your observation is delivered to the teacher and administrator. If you wish to make any changes, click the “Continue Editing” button in the upper left. If you wish to save what you have done so far and continue at a later time, click on “Save and Return To Dashboard”. If you are satisfied with everything and have nothing else to add into your observation, click “Send Report”.
Important: once you've submitted a report, you cannot go back and edit your feedback. So be sure to proofread and edit your report before submitting.

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