How do I complete a video observation?

In order to complete a video observation, you need to first access your Dashboard and click on the thumbnail of the video you are assigned to observe. You will then be taken to a screen that includes the video. Click the play button on the video to start the timer.

There are three sections of an observation: Add & Categorize Comments, Rate & Provide Feedback, and Preview & Send Report.

First, enter your observations and notes in the Comments section (they will be time-stamped and tied to a particular instance in the video). Comments can be categorized with a type (evidence, feedback, kudos, etc.), a sub-rubric item (here, the Insight Core Framework's Core Practices), and a tag. Once you've completed adding your comments, you can analyze them by continuing on to part 2.

The “Rate & Provide Feedback” section allows you to provide framework feedback and rate sub-rubrics by clicking on a sub-rubric heading (e.g. Core Practice 1.1) and entering in a summary and rating level. General and additional feedback associated with the observation can be provided as well. Recommended resources can also be included before previewing the observation report. Resource libraries can be added and managed by the administrator. When you have finished adding feedback, click the “Preview Report” button.

Preview & Send Report allows you to review all of the information you've collected and analyzed in a concrete observation report that will be delivered to the teacher and administrator regarding the teacher's effectiveness and ways to improve. If there are comments you wish to add or edit, press the “Continue Editing” button located in the upper left. If you wish to continue editing your report at a later time, click “Save and Return to Dashboard”. If you are comfortable with all the comments and feedback that you’ve added, click the “Send Report” button.

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