How do I upload my observation video?

In the upper right of the Dashboard in the “Upload a new video observation” window, click the “Upload A Video” button to begin.

On the “Step One: Basic Information” screen, you will first need to choose if the video is meant to fulfill an observation window or not. Observation windows are a scheduling tool managed by your administrator and you can read more about them here.

Next, click the Browse button to locate and upload your video file. A loading bar will appear showing the progress of your upload and then a notification when your upload is completed. You will then need to enter basic video information including the following: title, date recorded, formal/informal indication, subject, grade band, class period, and number of students..

Click the “Continue to Goals” tab at the bottom left to proceed.

On the “Step Two: Goals” page, complete the fields for requested goals and then click the “Continue to Pre-Observation Survey” tab to continue. These goals can be goals that you have for this lesson, or goals that you’ve worked to set with your coach or administrator.

On the "Step Three: Pre-Observation Survey" page, complete the fields for any questions set up by your account administrator, then click the blue button at the bottom of the page in order to proceed to the last step.

On the "Step Four: Add Documentation" page, add any resources related to your video by clicking the “Add Resource” tab then using the Browse button to locate the supporting documentation you wish to add. Once you locate and select the desired file, click on the “Open” button then the “Add Documentation” button to add it to your video. Once you are finished adding resources, you have two options to continue:

  • Save and Submit for Observation notifies your school administrator that your video is ready for assignment to an observer.
  • Save and Return to Dashboard saves all the data you’ve submitted. From the dashboard you can open your video to leave comments or share with another teacher. You can also submit it for observation later.

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