What are the different products in ADVANCE?

Insight’s ADVANCE is a comprehensive cloud-based observation and evaluation platform that moves beyond managing processes to fuel great teaching. Built by educators for educators, ADVANCE powers high-quality feedback and individualized professional learning to transform every step in the process and turn evaluations into systems of growth, rather than "gotcha."

The ADVANCE suite consists of three integrated tools that work together to overcome the greatest challenges of educator evaluation and provide users with on-demand access to resources and reporting:

  • ADVANCEfeedback™ uses the power of classroom video to enable the most meaningful and actionable feedback.
  • ADVANCEcalibrate™ builds and sustains inter-rater reliability among observers through a sequence of authentic norming experiences.
  • ADVANCElearn™ supports personalized, data-based training experiences for dynamic learning experiences that lead to real professional growth.

ADVANCE tools share the same database, making it possible to manage observations, professional development and reporting across a school system of any size in one place. Only one setup and account configuration is needed, and the intuitive interface ensures moving between functionality is seamless. To maximize the benefit of existing resources, ADVANCE also integrates with other HR and professional development systems.

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