What are the different roles, and what are the differences in their permissions?

There are four different roles, and each user may be assigned multiple roles: teacher, observer, school administrator, and district administrator. These different user roles have different permissions roughly corresponding to the descriptions below in ADVANCEfeedback™ only.

For ADVANCElearn™ and ADVANCEcalibrate™ users, each of the four roles falls into one of two categories: "participant" or "participant manager." Typically, only District Admins are giving the Participant Manager role in learn and calibrate. The Participant Manager (District Admin) is responsible for uploading and assigning content and frameworks. The Participants (everyone else) complete training flows and video calibrations once they are assigned tasks by the Participant Manager.

The four roles in the ADVANCE suite are summarized below:

The teacher uploads his/her video alongside a pre-observation survey (if using video, ADVANCE also supports in-person sessions). S/he has the following capabilities:

  • upload video
  • share videos with other teachers in their school

The observer reviews the video (or observers real-time if using in-person session tool) and submits a report to the school administrator. S/he has the following capabilities:

  • sort and view videos
  • take notes
  • analyze practice
  • compile feedback
  • embed comments

The school administrator and district administrator can design an observation schedule with deadlines, as well as review submitted reports. The school admin has the following capabilities:

  • manage observation assignment and scheduling
  • assign independent uploads
  • review reports and comments

The district administrator is responsible for setting the framework and rating system that will be implemented by the observer. S/he has the following capabilities:

  • configure user groups
  • set up and configure frameworks
  • create tags
  • edit pre-observation survey
  • receive and analyze report outputs
  • customize district-wide settings
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