How do I manually input an instructional framework?

When your account was set up, you were assigned to the Insight Core Framework if no instructional framework was specified. You are welcome to upload and configure your school or district’s own instructional framework. These frameworks are active across the entire ADVANCE suite for your account.

  1. Select "Admin Tools" from the top menu
  2. Select "Frameworks"
  3. Click “Add New Framework”
  4. Enter the basic information for your instructional framework: title, creator, framework version/year, and a basic description and click “Save”
  5. Click “Add Rating Level” to enter the rating titles used in your framework (ex. Level I, Level2, Effective, Developing, Acceptable, Expected Demonstration, etc.)
  6. Enter the “Rubrics” tab and click “Add Rubric”
  7. Create parent rubrics or rubric headings (primary standards) by entering essential information
  8. Add sub-items or sub-standards for each rubric by clicking “Add Standard”
  9. Enter the “Tags” tab and click “Add Tag” to create tags list to be associated with the instructional framework
  10. Enter the “Goal Categories” tab to create the list of goals Teachers will be asked to submit intheir pre-observation survey


NOTE: Once observations have been started using this framework, it may not be edited. The addition of new tags is the only accessible change. A new framework can be entered and assigned to users if necessary to replace or make major changes.

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