Generating Reports within Evaluation Data Management - Step-by-Step

While the Evaluation Data Management tool is available in its entirety only to District Administrators, once configured School Administrators can interact with the Manage Data step. The step-by-step instructions here apply for both District Administrators and School Administrators.

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Step one: Configure Systems

Step two: Group Users

Step three: Importing/Managing Data


  1. Ensure you’re logged in as a District Administrator or School Administrator, and select “Evaluation Management” from your Admin Tools menu.
  2. It will by default open on the Generate Reports tab.
  3. Use the top four dropdowns to narrow down the data that you are looking at.
    • District: Will be selected by default
    • Year: Select the desired year
    • Group: Select the desired group. This must be selected to accurately view data.
    • School: This is optional and will allow you to narrow down the data as needed.
  4. To generate reports for the full district, select the PDF or CSV links at the top of the page.
    • PDF reports generate a single page summary report for every user included in the identified group.
    • CSV reports generate a raw data set that includes all primary and secondary component scores with a unique line for every user included in the identified group.
  5. Scroll down to see the data by School, Subset, or at the Individual level, and generate PDF or CSV outputs for each level.
    • Use the Grade Band, Subject, or Overall Score filters on the Subset table in any combination to narrow the report.
  6. Click on any line item to view the breakdown of the Secondary Components that sit under that Primary Component.
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