Inputting/Managing Data within Evaluation Data Management - Step-by-Step

While the Evaluation Data Management tool is available in its entirety only to District Administrators, once configured School Administrators can interact with the Manage Data step. The step-by-step instructions here apply for both District Administrators and School Administrators.

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Step one: Configure Systems

Step two: Group Users


  1. Ensure you’re logged in as a District Administrator or School Administrator, and select “Evaluation Management” from your Admin Tools menu.
  2. Select the “Manage Data” tab, and make a selection from the “Group” dropdown for the User Group for whom you want input or manage data. You should see the associated System pie chart populate to the left.
  3. Every data entry point on this page represents a Secondary Component that falls under a primary component. Important notes:
    • Data entered at the school level will appear at the top of the page for entry. If entered once, it will be applied automatically to all users under the school within the User Group. All other data is managed at the individual level.
    • Only Primary Components that are marked for management by District or School Administrator will be editable by the School Administrator. Other primary components are visible, but locked to School Administrators.
    • All aggregated scores are based on the Rating Levels associated with the Instructional Framework and so values should be entered on a corresponding scale. For example, if your Rating Levels have a four-point scale, your performance reviews or student survey data (or any other data points) should be converted to a four-point scale up to the hundredths place value before values are entered.
  4. Data can be BATCH UPLOADED using the CSV template accessible by clicking the text “this CSV file” below the Batch Upload field. Add in values to the CSV template as needed, save the file, and then select the file for upload from your system’s library by clicking “Browse” and then “Upload.”
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