Grouping Users within Evaluation Data Management - Step-by-Step

The second step for District Administrators in the process of employing the Evaluation Data Management tool is set up User Groups. These User Groups will be assigned a configured system, and data management and reporting will be accessed at the Group level. Here we walk through that step by step.

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Step one: Configure Systems



  1. Ensure you’re logged in as a District Administrator, and select “Evaluation Management” from your Admin Tools menu.
  2. Select the “Group Users” tab.
  3. Click the “Groups” dropdown and select “Add New.” (Previously created groups can be selected to be edited).
  4. Title the Group with as much defining detail as needed for identification in Manage and Reporting steps.
  5. Select an Evaluation System from the list of those created in the previous Configure Systems step.
  6. In the District Admin role, your district will appear by default in the District drop down. You can select from the School, Grade, and/or Subject dropdowns to narrow your user lists, but it is not necessary to make a selection.
  7. Select the Role of user you would like to add to the group. Select users one at a time, or by multi-selecting them from the list, and then use the gray arrows in the middle to move them onto or off of your list.
    • NOTE: Keep in mind that some users have multiple roles. The Role dropdown indicates in which role the user will be included in this group. They can be included in other groups with other roles.
  8. Click “Save Group.”
  9. Groups can be edited or archived by selecting them from the “Group” dropdown at the top.
    • To make changes, edit as desired then click “Save Group.”
    • To archive - marking as obsolete and releasing members - click “Archive Group.”
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