Configuring Systems within Evaluation Data Management - Step-by-Step

The first step for District Administrators in the process of employing the Evaluation Data Management tool is configuring your Systems. Here we walk through that step by step.


  1. Ensure you’re logged in as a District Administrator, and select “Evaluation Management” from your Admin Tools menu.
  2. Select the “Configure Systems” tab on the left, and click “Add New.”
  3. Create a name for your System so that it is clearly defined, and select an Instructional Framework from the dropdown.
    • Note: The values and ranges that are associated with the Rating Levels that were configured with your framework will be applied to all aggregated scoring within the system.
  4. Every system is made up of Primary Components - these are the categories in which teachers are scored. To add Primary Components, click “Add New Component.”
    • Title the Primary Component.
    • Click on the color box to open a selection window. Use all available tools to select your designed color and then close the selection window.
    • Assign a weight. This is the value of this category as weighted against the other components (example: 40% of total evaluation, enter “40”). Total weight of all Primary Components must be 100.
    • Select if documentation upload should be available for this primary component. This allows for common file types to be attached as evidence supporting entered scores at the individual level for those being evaluated.
    • Select a Data Entry Point. One selection from this box must be selection:
      • Managed by District Admin - The data point can be batch uploaded, or manually entered at the individual level by the District Administrator.
      • Managed by School Admin and District Admin - The data points can be batch uploaded, or manually entered at the individual level by the District OR School Administrator.
      • Collect at School-wide Level - The data for this Primary Component is collected at the SCHOOL level and applied automatically to all individuals associated with that school.
      • Observation Data from ADVANCEfeedback - The data for this Primary Component is pulled automatically from ADVANCEfeedback. An overall score is generated for each video or in-person observation by averaging the scores entered. Those overall scores are each used as a sub-component, and can be dropped as needed at the individual level.
  5. Every Primary Component is made up of “Secondary Components.” Secondary Components represent the individual data points.
    • NOTE: If there is only one data point associated with the Primary Component, one Secondary Component should be setup and weighted as 100.
    • Title Secondary Components and assign a weight, noting that the total weight must total 100.
  6. Save the Primary Component and repeat as needed until all Primary Components have been configured. The following options are available:
    • Click on the title of a Primary Component to view component summary below.
    • Click on the Edit icon to make adjustments as needed.
    • Click on the X icon to remove the Primary Component.
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