Evaluation Data Management Overview - Step-by-Step

The Evaluation Data Management tool is available in its entirety only to District Administrators, with steps three and four available to School Administrators. This tool can support the configuration and management of summative evaluation systems – or any professional growth data – from setup to reports, in one easy-to-use system.

There are four configuration components that must be completed in order for the successful application of Evaluation Data Management features:


We have separate articles for every step in this process:

  1. Configuring Systems within Evaluation Data Management
  2. Grouping Users within Evaluation Data Management
  3. Importing/Managing Data within Evaluation Data Management
  4. Generating Reports within Evaluation Data Management

While this tool's design stems from our experience supporting schools in the development of evaluation systems, the flexibility of the features ensures that it can be used to aggregate any summative data you need - assignments, tasks, or even intaking data from other HR systems.

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