Data Displays for Observers - Step-by-Step

For Observers

Data displays are located on each user’s dashboard and are design to give a snapshot of relevant data points based on the user role. Every user role has two to three interactive displays, and the ability to export a .CSV file containing the full data set directly from their dashboard.

As an Observer, you will see two tabs on your data display:

Observation Status: a bar graph of observations by status in the workflow to support logistical tracking

Observation Trends: a line graph that demonstrates an Observer’s average ratings for each instructional framework item against the average line within the group account

To view the raw data behind each table, simply click the “Download CSV” from the top right corner of the display. An Excel-compatible .CSV file will download to your computer. This option is available for each tab.

PLEASE NOTE:  These graphs are populated using Observer-submitted ratings in the feedback process. If your Observers are not currently using the rating/scoring feature as part of the observation process, please reach out to your implementation specialist about implementation options.

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