Evaluation Data Management Overview

A feature that is configurable at the District Admin level, with some management capability at the School Admin level, the Evaluation Data Management features allow administrators to configure and manage summative evaluation systems – or any professional growth data – from setup to reports, in one easy-to-use system.

The four-stage workflow makes configurable summative data system easier to manage than ever. Bring in any externally generated data, and pull observation data directly from the ADVANCEfeedback® tool.


Configure Systems

In this step, the account administrator can setup the components of an evaluation system, including weighted sub-components or data points under each category. The result is a clear map for how each data point will be weighted as part of the evaluation system, and who is responsible for providing that data point.

Group Users 

This tool allows administrators to quickly and easily filter users into groups that can be aligned to evaluation systems. This ensures that the correct evaluation system is applied to specific individuals as needed, including those other than teachers (school administrators, coaches, specialists, etc.).

Manage Data

Data points can be provided via batch upload through a CSV template, and/or managed manually at the individual level. Data points can be assigned during configuration for management by the School Administrator, or pulled in from ADVANCEfeedback® automatically. Custom database integration is available as an extension of scope during implementation.

Generate Reports 

Reports can be generated in PDF format displaying aggregated data or in full, raw datasets via CSV. These reports can be generated at the account, subgroup, school, specialty, or individual level by the account administrator and the School Admin role.

What is the impact to each user type?


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