Compressing with ClipChamp

Compressing with ClipChamp

ClipChamp asks for a quick and easy signup which does not require any paid membership.

 ClipChamp Help Desk

- First, go to and complete the Free registration. You can also use your Google or Facebook account to register. 
- Once your registration has been completed, you will automatically be logged into the Clipchamp dashboard.
- Click inside the "Convert my video" window to locate your file using your computer's file browser. Once you have selected your video, click "Open" to load your video. You can also drag and drop your file into the "Convert my video" window to load it.
- Once your file is loaded into the converter, make sure to make the following selections:
  • I want to optimize for: "Mobile
- Click "Customize settings" and select the following options:
  • Resolution: "360p" or lower
  • Format: "MP4"
  • Quality: "Low"
- Once these selections have been made, click "Start" to begin the compression/conversion process. This will compress and convert your file into a program-compatible file (MP4) as well as create a smaller, more manageable file that will be easier to upload into our program. 
- When the compression/conversion process is completed, your new video will be displayed and a file size comparison will be shown at the top of the screen.
- Click the "SAVE" button (on the right) to save the newly converted video to your computer. Make sure to save it to your desktop or Download folder so that you can find it easily for your ADVANCEfeedback upload.
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